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Miglior Press (pronounced MEE-lee-yor) is a small independent press based in Athens, Georgia. Founded and owned by David Cowart and his wife, Donna Maddock-Cowart, it has been in business since 2003.

The name comes from the Italian phrase il miglior fabbro ("the better craftsman"), originally from Dante but more recently used by T. S. Eliot in his dedication of The Wasteland to Ezra Pound, whose editing of the poem helped shape it into one of the masterpieces of the last century. For our press, the name serves as an aspiration.

David and Donna have five English degrees between them, including three graduate degrees. David was the co-founder of Jackson Street Books in Athens, and he developed writing-reference software to accompany the Harbrace College Handbook. Donna is a former Director of Business Development and Communications for the Technical College System of Georgia. They both have extensive experience in writing and editing—both literary and technical—and in teaching at the university level.

In addition to its own catalog of books, Miglior Press also publishes books under the imprints Writer's Proof, Jonquil Books (children's books), and Interview You (interview-based memoirs).


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