Dissecting the Angel
and Other Poems


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Front cover Title: Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems
Author: Michelle Castleberry
Release date: October 15, 2013
80 pages
5-3/4 x 8-3/4 inches
ISBN 978-0-9836484-4-4
Publisher: Miglior Press
Distributor: Ingram

Front cover

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What others are saying about Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems:

“Michelle Castleberry's poems are often quiet, but never subtle or shy. In fact, they are fearless and dead set on searching out and praising beauty in this world: from a coroner's exam table to a hospital burn unit in Afghanistan, or a winter carnival, these poems sing with feather and grit. Read this book and be moved.” —Travis Wayne Denton, author of When Pianos Fall from the Sky and The Burden of Speech

“Michelle Castleberry's poems are probative and lyrical, proving instinct and heart are still essential for our customary lives. Dissecting the Angel is a fervent, defiant, and fresh collection from a poet of ardor and nerve.” —Stephen Kuusisto, author of Planet of the Blind

“In Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems, Michelle Castleberry conjures a landscape that is both of the real world—her home in rural Arkansas, and in equal measure, of the dreams we all carry within us of home: ‘For most of my life/I've woken up from nightmares/mouthing the wish to go Home.’ These poems are created out of sharply etched images and filled with insight. Most importantly, they all come straight from the heart of the poet.” —Judith Ortiz Cofer, author of A Love Story Beginning in Spanish

“Raw, piercing, full of sass and the sacrament of longing, her imagery captures the universal.” —Trish Joyce, professor, creative writing, Broward College

“Whatever gift it takes to make poetry, and from whichever god of words that gift is given, Michelle Castleberry has been exceedingly blessed. Her collection, Dissecting the Angel and Other Poems, is triumphant writing, a far better offering than anything I've read in a very long while. Lovers of rich, profound language will be mesmerized by her descriptive power and by the surety of her insight. The gods have chosen well.” —Terry Kay, author of To Dance with the White Dog and The Book of Marie


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